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Are you looking to buy a condo in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, or other places around Alberta?

If you answer yes, you must consider a home inspection before buying the condo or townhouse. Unfortunately, some prospective buyers may overlook the value of home inspections. Still, a quality inspection could help you identify any issues with a home before putting in any money or committing to the purchase.

If you decide to get an Alberta property inspection, you need property inspectors that have been in the field for long enough. REI and Co are one of the market’s best companies for townhouse and condo inspections. Over time in the field, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for buyers, sellers, and even real estate agents. Therefore, we are the ideal partner if you need a home inspector to help you through the sale or purchase process.

What Will REI and Co. Inspect During Your Condo & Townhome Inspection?

Our certified home inspectors will look at several things during your in-depth inspection. REI and Co. has been involved with condominium ownership and operation for over 19 years. Condo and townhome inspections are not graded on a pass-or-fail basis; instead, they provide a report that includes an itemized summary of the building’s conditions as well as any work that needs to be done. A few of the many things we will inspect are:

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Electrical and HVA

During property inspections, you can expect the HVAC and electrical system to be assessed. The inspector will check whether the electrical outlets are working and are safe. We will also check fire safety as this is an issue that’s often ignored and yet is crucial. We check whether there are working alarms and a fire safety route.

The Shared Amenities

It is crucial to check the amenities on offer at the condo. For example, are there gym centers, pools, and meeting rooms? If they are, are they well maintained and clean?

Common spaces around your condo should be in good working order as the condo fees include the use of the spaces. You can get a free market report from your real estate agent if you want to buy and compare the specific condo to the others in the area.

Condo & Townhome Documents

When a buyer leases or purchases a condo, they receive a status certificate. You must have all the vital documents during a technical audit. The certificate contains pertinent information about the reports of renovations and repairs that are to be expected. In addition, you should know about any costs you will need to pay, including repair fees. If there is a high need for maintenance, there is likely a low reserve fund that may prove problematic soon.

Certified Condo & Townhome Inspectors

Condo and Townhome Inspections All Around Edmonton and Alberta

We conduct quality and thorough condo and townhome inspection services in areas including Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Devon, Stony Plain, and many others. No matter where you are in Alberta, we guarantee to respond promptly and perform your condo and townhome inspection.

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Are you looking for a home inspector to help you ascertain the quality of a condominium or townhouse? Look no further than REI and Co for your needs. As one of the best in the area, we can assure you that we do a thorough job to help you make a wise decision.

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