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Do you suspect a problem in your home that your bare eyes cannot perceive?

REI and Co. understand you. Discovering problems in a building with the naked eye can be challenging. However, you can find different issues around the house with thermal imaging with thermal infrared light. First, however, you must ensure that you work with the right company for infrared inspections. Our infrared thermography, thermal video, and thermal image service can help you perceive problems before they occur and prevent potential risks that could make or break your home.

What is Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection?

This kind of inspection involves measuring surface temperature using infrared cameras and videos. These two will see the light in the heat spectrum, and images will be recorded showing emitted infrared radiation.

Infrared waves in the electromagnetic spectrum differ from visible light because they have longer wavelengths. An infrared camera will show the thermal radiation emitted between objects in an infrared image. Colors will be different, and these colors will represent hot and cold areas. Qualified thermographers interpret these images in a bid to find out any hidden issues and faults in electrical systems and mechanical systems quickly.

Is an Infrared Inspection Worth It?

If you wonder whether identifying the infrared portion in the electromagnetic spectrum is beneficial, the answer is yes.

With the use of night vision goggles and other equipment, you can identify any of the risks of electrical and equipment failure. You can also identify thermal issues and water damage. Furthermore, thermal imaging can improve the performance of systems and minimize downtimes while reducing injury risk.

What Does Magnetic Radiation Show In A Home Inspection?

Infrared technology is crucial in preventive maintenance. The electromagnetic radiation that is not in the visible spectrum often indicates malfunction or equipment damage. Therefore, using infrared technology as part of your thermal preventive maintenance allows you to track machinery operations over time and identify any unusual readings that can further be inspected.

If you can schedule maintenance and monitor equipment, you can reduce failures and downtimes and cut down repairs and reactive maintenance while extending the lifespan of assets.

We at REI and Co. want to help you save money and resources by moving away from emergency repairs through scheduled equipment inspections when possible.

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We have excellent diagnostic tools to help us conduct thorough inspections, no matter how big or small your building is. We have served the people of Alberta for over 16 years. During this time, we have proven ourselves as a trustworthy partner for the needs of the residents. We can inspect to inform you precisely what is wrong so you can save yourself from having to deal with unprecedented repairs.

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