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Are you wondering what you can do to safeguard yourself against any damages in your new home?

You are not alone. Buying and living in a new house may be exciting, but it can quickly become a nightmare if your home has some unexpected repair issues. If you do not give your home builder an 11-month warranty repair list in writing before the 11-month deadline, then your builder does not need to honor the warranty.

Thankfully, there is a solution. You can get a new home warranty inspection to help you determine whether there are any problems and have them fixed under warranty. It is a requirement by many of the Alberta New Home Warranty programs to get an 11-month warranty inspection to help you identify any issues in your home so they can be fixed.

What is a New Home Warranty or 11-month warranty inspection?

A recently built home in Alberta requires a new home warranty coverage. According to the Home Buyer Protection Act, the permit should have been applied for before or on Feb 1, 2014.

The home warranty coverage covers residential homes but does not cover care facilities, work camps, dormitories, or hostels and does not apply to homes relocated and built on First Nation Reserves.

It covers defects in labor and materials relating to delivery and distribution systems for at least two years after the start of the warranty policy.

Before you sign off on your new home warranty at 11 months, it is important that you learn your rights and have a proper inspection completed by a certified inspector. We will find any and all issues that your home builder does not want you to know about.

Sleep sound knowing your home is problem free!

Who Can Do New Home Warranty Inspections?

You can do the inspection yourself, work with the people the home builder provides, or hire professional home inspection services such as REI and Co. Many home builders will recommend that you work with the people they recommend. However, this is usually not the best step to take as these people do not have the skills, tools, and experience to gauge the house according to standards. Therefore, they cannot gauge correctly what the builder is supposed to correct.

What Do 11 Month Warranty Inspections Include?

As a certified home inspection company, we check items including service amperage, electrical panels, breakers, meter box grounding, electrical service lines, garage doors, smoke detectors, safety sensors, and much more. If we find anything wrong your warranty provider will know exactly what went wrong and what needs to be corrected under warranty claims.

Can You Trust Your Home Builders Inspectors?

Home builders will always want you to go review your home’s warranty checklist with one of their representatives. Why would you trust a biased party? This is why you need an outside company to perform the new home warranty inspection. We will uncover everything that your builder may try to hide.

Trust the experts and give us a call for your new home warranty inspection!

Certified 11-Month Warranty Inspectors

A Certified Master Inspector For Your 11-Month Warranty Inspections

If you are looking for a professional home inspector, we are happy to inform you that the Baeumler Approved Program has approved us. We perform thorough inspections on all home components to ensure that your warranty claims can be the first step towards owning a fortified home that will last you as long as possible. As we carry out the inspection, we can answer any questions to clarify and help you understand our process better.

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Are you looking for a home inspector to help you inspect the quality of your new home? Look no further than REI and Co. for your 11-Month Warranty Inspections. As one of the best in the Edmonton area, we can assure you that we will do a thorough job inspecting your home and uncover areas that need to be addressed by you; the homeowner.

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