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Sellers Inspection

Do you want to sell your home? Are you wondering whether you can inspect outing the house on the market?

A credible pre-listing inspection brings more buyers to the table. This creates a much better negotiating environment for both the sellers and buyers. The home buyer’s inspection may be standard, but it doesn’t leave you with power as the seller. As a seller, you can also order your own inspection, which will come with an inspection report outlining any potential issues that you can present to potential buyers and any real estate agent.

Why Might Sellers Want To Have Their Own Home Inspector?

If you are a seller wondering whether a pre-listing inspection is necessary, the simple answer would be no. It isn’t expected that the buyer should order an inspection during a real estate transaction, however, a buyer’s home inspection can be more beneficial to the homeowner than you’d think.

Below, we discuss how pre-listing inspections carried out by a certified home inspector may benefit sellers:

Sell Your Home With Confidence

You Can Fix Potential Issues Before Listing

If you conduct a pre-listing inspection, you are aware of the issues in the house, the repairs you will need to make, and the associated repair costs. In many cases, sellers decide to make the changes before presenting the home to potential buyers.

Furthermore, you have the upper hand because even if you do not make the necessary repairs, you will not be caught unprepared by a buyer’s inspection.

Helps You and the
Agent Price the Home

Allowing an inspection before listing the house for sale will enable you and the real estate agents you are working with to gauge the cost of the house more accurately. You can then explain to potential buyers that they will get the home at the price because it has issues.

If you decide to cover the repair costs, you can charge prospective buyers more as you include the repairs into the asking price.

It Makes You Seem
More Trustworthy

If you want buyers to view you as a trustworthy seller, you should have your home inspection report ready. By conducting your own buyer’s inspection, you can reveal any potential problems in advance, which makes the buyer feel more confident making a deal with you.

However, you have to prepare for the eventuality that the buyer may carry out their own inspection, and the buyer’s home inspector may come up with a different report from yours. If this is the case, you can prepare to talk over these differences and iron out any issues that may be present.

Certified Pre-Listing Home Inspectors

What Does The Pre-Listing Inspection Cover?

As the seller, you can discuss with your inspector how thorough the inspection will be. Here at REI and Co, we recommend that you highlight the places you are concerned about. Our inspectors are guaranteed to be more thorough and detailed than our competitors.

Your Pre-Listing Home inspector will check every major system of the home including the anticipated roof life, harmful materials such as asbestos or lead, water quality, the basement and foundation, the electrical and plumbing systems, and much more.

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